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Is It Time To Cut The Cord? Live TV Streaming Has Arrived.

You know, I look at the cable bill each month and ask myself – *^&#%*!! – why am I paying this much to use so little? Adding dozens and dozens of stations I never watch to the cable subscription just doesn’t seem to be the right justification for the prices ...

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Study: Dog Owners Have Healthier Hearts, Lower Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

by John Anderer BRNO, Czech Republic — There are plenty of reasons to own a dog; companionship and exercise are just a few benefits that immediately come to mind. Now, a new study conducted in the Czech Republic has found that owning a pet, specifically a dog, can help people maintain ...

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Study: Regular Aerobic Exercise Can Slash Heart Attack Risk In Half, Even In Healthy People

TRONDHEIM, Norway — Cardio exercises, such as running, cycling, or jogging for long distances can be very challenging, especially when one doesn’t get off the couch on a regular basis. It’s well known that regular cardio exercise benefits those at risk of developing heart issues, but a new study out of ...

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