Study: Regular Aerobic Exercise Can Slash Heart Attack Risk In Half, Even In Healthy People

TRONDHEIM, Norway — Cardio exercises, such as running, cycling, or jogging for long distances can be very challenging, especially when one doesn’t get off the couch on a regular basis. It’s well known that regular cardio exercise benefits those at risk of developing heart issues, but a new study out of ...

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We Bought a 19th-Century Church and Turned It Into a Bed-and-Breakfast—Here’s How

A creative couple’s renovation tips. When artist Julie Hedrick and her husband, composer Peter Wetzler, were traveling back to Manhattan’s East Village from Hedrick’s art exhibition in Toronto almost 30 years ago, the last thing the couple expected to find was their future home—a sprawling 19th-century Romanesque church in upstate New York. But ...

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