5 DIY Home Security Hacks for under $20

by Jim Harmer I love the feeling of knowing that my home is secure, but I hate the thought of wasting money on an $80/month home security system.  Monthly expenses can pile up so fast that it feels like I don’t even have a paycheck anymore. So, I set out ...

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Weekly Ribs!

Excerpted from Simply Grilling by Jennifer Chandler Photo by Justin Fox Burks | Food Styling by Jennifer Chandler People in Memphis take their barbecue seriously. In fact, many have perfected it to an art form. I am not here to argue that “low and slow” (the mantra for cooking ribs in the ...

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Best Times To Buy Furniture

Great deals can be had on home and office furniture, especially if you time your shopping right. The guide below can help you plan your purchases for a variety of furniture options. New indoor furniture styles arrive in stores twice each year, in February and August. To make room for these ...

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